Schorin Strategies

Identifying emerging issues in food, safety and health

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Schorin Strategies?

Schorin Strategies, LLC is a consulting firm that specializes in strategic analysis of food, health, and nutrition issues. 

What services are offered?

Schorin Strategies researches and monitors trends in food, health and nutrition (in the U.S. and abroad) that are likely to affect the food industry.

Who can benefit from our services?

Any business that grows, processes, manufacturers, distributes, or serves food and beverages can benefit from strategic guidance by Schorin Strategies.  We identify potential business threats that are likely to gain traction, as well as developments that may provide unexpected marketing potential.  Such expertise can benefit large corporations, small food business, as well as non-profit organizations such as health departments.

What types of projects can we address?

Projects range from major broad strategic initiatives to focused, narrowly defined interventions.  Strategic analysis may involve expert reviews of scientific literature, establishing advantageous liaisons with regulatory authorities and analysis of major media.  Schorin Strategies also has the resources to prepare op-ed pieces on specific topics, and write research plans for clinical nutrition studies.

Why consult Schorin Strategies?

Marilyn Schorin has had more than 30 years working in the food and nutrition, at major corporations, federally-funded university-based research, public health agencies, and hospital dietetics.  Her broad array of experiences and network of talented professionals will address your unique challenges and concerns.

How can you contact us?

By Email:

By Telephone:
(502) 452-1100

By Mail:
1400 Willow Avenue
Suite 1901
Louisville, KY 40204