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The following organizations provide accurate, science-based updates on nutrition, food safety, and health topics for health professionals and consumers.

Global Stevia Institute (Newsletter)
See the latest information about Stevia.

The American Dietetic Association (
The American Dietetic Association is the premier association of dietitians and other nutrition professionals in the U.S. with more than 67,000 members.  Consumers can find topical information on the website as well as access to nutrition professionals in their area.

The Institute of Food Technologists ( represents the broad group of researchers in food technology innovation, packaging, nutrition and regulatory concerns.  Their website is regularly updated with news of food companies and key health information.

The Obesity Society (
The Obesity Society publishes a series of fact sheets on topics of interest to consumers.  The Obesity Society brings together researchers and health professionals engaged in treating obesity.

American Society for Nutrition (
Information for nutrition scientists.  The society publishes two technical journals, which are frequently quoted in the news media.  The Journal of Nutrition ( and the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition (

The International Food Information Council ( publishes brochures and fact sheets on current topics in nutrition and food safety.  The IFIC website is published in both English and Spanish (

Asian Food Information Centre ( is a Singapore based association which provides science-based information on food, nutrition, and food safety for the broader Asia-Pacific community.  They publish a biannual newsletter, Food Facts Asia.  The website is available in English, Thai, or Mandarin.

European Food Information Council ( publishes information for European consumers on food safety, nutrition, and health.  It is published in 5 languages – English, German, French, Italian, and Spanish.  Their newsletter, Food Today, is published bimonthly.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration publishes a wealth of consumer information to help understand how they protect the U.S. food supply.  Their man consumer page can be found at